Dues Renewal Season Begins

Dues Renewal Season Begins

Pay Dues With ACH: A Great Choice + Chance to Win. Look for your postcard statement to pay online easily!

Access, networking, inclusion, representation, savings, valuable programming, professional pride and much more are solid reasons for staying in the membership mix with the MDA.

Dues open the membership door: Consider them your special knock and ID to unlock the vault to all the member treasures! Paying annual dues already is easy with online access and auto renew. But this year, we’re adding a special secret code: QR + ACH. 


We’re using a QR code this year as an easy way to jump straight to your dues payment
on your phone, thus saving you time (and a stamp) versus mailing your payment.


Every year the MDA offers various ways to pay dues. When it comes to electronic means, about 70 percent of members use credit card while only seven percent use ACH—a number we’d like to see grow. There are many reasons paying your dues with ACH bank draft is superior to credit card payments.

  • Bank routing is secure and stable, because account numbers rarely change.
  • Conversely, credit cards can get flagged for potentially fraudulent activity and have always-revolving expiration dates. Any card changes require additional time and hassle for you.
  • Credit cards also create additional processing fees. While the MDA never passes these fees to you, collectively, fees create a large administrative cost to the MDA that could be lessened with more dues paid through ACH.
  • Plus, the same great payment options exist for ACH, such as auto renew and installment payments.

To encourage members to choose ACH for paying 2022 dues, we’re giving away four $250 gift cards. Every member who pays using ACH will be entered and each month from December to March we’ll randomly pick a winner to receive a gift card. Watch for your special dues mailing this November! If you have questions or want to change your current installment or auto renew payments to ACH, call Stacey (800-688-1907) and she’ll be glad to help. And remember, pay dues the easy way with ACH!