Stop the Pop & Start Right

Stop the Pop

Soft drinks, juices and sports drinks provide huge amounts of sugars to many diets, and drinking too much can cause tooth decay and harm your health. The Stop the Pop brochure discusses how these beverages can cause tooth decay and what you can do to prevent it and improve your health. 

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Online Resources
Soft Drinks, Sport Drinks, Energy Drink and Flavored Waters: What All Parents Should Know
CSPI Sugary Drinks & Liquid Candy Report
School Foods Tool Kit CSPI)

Student Projects
Soft Drink Sales in Schools Lesson (Grades 9-12)
Acidity of Soda Pop Experiment
Science Projects with Soda

20161002_110033How can you use #stopthepop in your education efforts?
"Thank you for much for sending the Stop The Pop brochures! There was a tremendous interest in the information, a lot of questions, and I heard several resolutions to give up pop! One mother brought her three daughters to me so I could explain the perils of pop. The girls were wide-eyed at the information and then asked about diet pop (tattling on their mother) ... the family is planning on changing their habits! I also had litmus test strips and people walking around sipping on coffee and soda were stunned at how acidic their saliva was. Again, thank so very much for your support in helping to educate the community in Platte County and in Pine Ridge Church. Jennifer Montgomery"

Start Right

Parents and caregivers make the difference in children getting a good start with oral health. The Start Right materials and education program was developed to address the importance of baby teeth and caring for these, and to give information on teething and tooth eruption, and practical tips to prevent early childhood cavities.

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Start Right Early Childhood Oral Health Guide
Show Me Your Smile Oral Health Guide
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